Mama Sisterhood is a group that allows me to participate in age appropriate activities with my daughter. It allows us to build long lasting bonds with other parents and children.

SheenaMaMa of 1 daugther

Because I live so far away from family and close friends, after I became a mother I felt a little lonely. It was hard not being close to anyone else who had children. I wanted to find a community of other mothers with children around the same age as my own so that we could get some much-needed social time. The mama sisterhood provided so much more! In addition to my children having an opportunity to participate in fun and enriching activities, I have made some very close friends as a result.

It feels great to belong to this group!

Stephanie MaMa of twins

Mama Sisterhood has been a blessing for both myself and my daughter. I joined the group when my daughter was only a few weeks old and we’ve met some amazing women and children.  This group has allowed me to create relationships and bonds with other women with small children where we can share information and resources, get and give advice and tips, and just talk about the joys and challenges of motherhood. My daughter has also made friends in her age group and it’s been great to watch them grow up together.

JanaMaMa of 1 daughter

I joined the MaMa Sisterhood of Prince George’s County Meetup Group nearly 2 years ago, just a few months after my oldest son’s first birthday. This group has been a blessing to me and my family, as my husband and I are not from here and have no relatives in the area… This group has facilitated our knowledge of the toddler and family friendly activities in the area, but more importantly, it has introduced me to some wonderful people whom I now call “friend”. Also, the organizers are great! They are creative, great networkers, and good communicators. I am so glad I  joined this group!

Sharifa MaMa of 2 boys

MaMa Sisterhood is a community of not only AMAZING moms but incredible women! Since joining this group I have been able to develop lasting relationships not only for my little one, but also for myself!!!! This group is a group of women from all walks of life with one common goal, to be the BEST mother they can be! The support has been amazing and I am beyond grateful my daughter and I have this group to turn to whenever we need interactive play dates or just someone to talk to and lean on!

Love my MaMa’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TanishaMaMa of 1 daughter

Services included for Limited Membership:

MaMa Newsletter – Sent on a regular basis, this newsletter will include tips and tricks specific motherhood, recipes, a Spotlight Article as well as sections specific to moms with children in particular age groups.

Family Event Listing – Limited members will have access to an updated list of local family friendly events.


Services included in the Full Membership:

All access events & activities pass – Full membership provides access to ALL of the events listed on our calendar which includes playdates, holiday parties, book clubs, MaMa’s Night Out, group outings to local amusements and more!

Playdates with a Purpose – Why not play with a purpose! These playdates will feature an educational theme that will help stimulate mental alertness, growth and exploration of our babies. Educational themes can include Spanish Immersion, Sign Language, STEM, The Alphabet/Literacy, Math concepts, etc. There will be multiple themes and playdates to target age ranges between 12 months and 5 years old! Parents are welcome to attend!

MaMa Chat Support Groups – this is an opportunity for you to be educated or enlightened on MaMa friendly parenting and family topics (such as Breastfeeding, Potty Training Basics or Kindergarten readiness) and to ask questions, share wisdom and experiences (or just to vent!) with other MaMa’s. Our support groups are usually led by professionals in various fields and they are provided in a variety of methods, including phone conference calls, webinars, sister circles, retreats, panel discussions and online forums.

MaMa’s Night Out – A special time where us MaMa’s get together to bond without our kids! MNO will uplift you and provide you with an opportunity to get to know another MaMa and enjoy some adult conversation! MaMa’s can get out and have fun too!

Virtual Weight Loss Challenges – The topic of weight loss is relevant for some moms that have just given birth as well as all other stages of motherhood. This is a way that we can make the challenge of weight loss fun, encouraging and educational! For those who wish to participate, everyone puts a small amount of money into a pot and the “biggest loser” wins! We also share tips, recipes, challenges and triumphs as we seek to take care of ourselves so that we can better take care of everyone else!

Monthly Birthday Celebrations – Your children’s birthday is a special day! Each month we celebrate all of the birthday babies at a special event just for them! This monthly event is open to all members, even babies who are not born in the month that is being celebrated, at any party the  more, the merrier!

MaMa Newsletter – Sent on a regular basis, this newsletter will include tips and tricks specific motherhood, recipes, a Spotlight Article as well as sections specific to moms with children in particular age groups.

Kids Virtual Book Club – Each month we will select a book that we can all read with our children together! We will explore different genres and types of stories with hopes to expose our children to the love of literacy. There will also be a monthly “craftivity” provided to go along with our virtual books for you and your little reader to enjoy!

MaMa Book Club – Available for members that love to read; join with a common love for reading and explore new novels and characters together. Even if you didn’t get time to read the entire book, book club gatherings are always a fun time of bonding.

Couples Night Out – A regularly scheduled outing for MaMa’s and their mates. This is to reinforce the fact that creating a strong family must include the adults getting some time out to have recreational fun with other adults.

Mini Vacations and Road Trips – These trips can be another fun way to get to know other MaMa’s who have common interests, or to spend some quality time with your family in the company of other MaMa’s and their families! Adventures may include trips to NYC to see a broadway play, or a trip to an Amusement park or an attraction that isn’t local, camping, etc. These adventures will be a mix of adult only trips as well as family
friendly trips!

Webinars – As we strive to become a household reference for moms everywhere one of the things that we offer is webinars and conference calls. Topics will vary from life hacks that are great for moms to know, to other lifestyle advice like finance and health & beauty, etc.